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When the toilet starts a rockin’, don’t bother caulkin’


3d man worker with caulk gunIf your toilet has been perfectly fine and now is rocking, the fix isn’t going to be a tube of your favorite tub and shower caulking. The problem is probably a little more serious than this.

My tenant calls to tell me that the toilet is rocking, but the tank is also cracked! Since it is quite difficult to put a hairline crack in a toilet tank and knowing these particular tenants, it is highly unlikely that the crack occurred outside of normal use.

Replace the toilet!

New toilet – $229.00 + $57.25 (Standard Contractor Markup of 25%)

There would be very few reasons for a toilet to start rocking and few of those apply to a concrete slab foundation. Nuts have backed off magically? Doubtful. The most likely cause is that the closet flange, toilet flange, has broken; you can either “repair” the flange or replace the flange. If you “fix” it, you are just putting a bandage on the situation and not actually fixing it.

It costs WHAT to replace a toilet?

According to pricing from HDR Remodeling, simply replacing the wax ring is a $150.00 cost! This same company also lists their hourly fees at $85.00/hr/person with a minimum of 2 hours.

Learn a little or spend a lot?
So it’s decision time. Do you attempt to learn a little, whether through books, YouTube videos, or by talking to the plumbing guy at your local hardware store, or do you spend an additional $207.25 + any additional fees for replacing the closet flange?

So how do you do it?

Honestly, it really depends on the size of your waste line as well as the installation method of your toilet flange and your foundation type. Before removing the toilet and wasting time by running to the store after work has begun, purchase a Sioux Chief 3×4 ABS with a stainless steel ring as well as a Sioux Chief 3 inch Push-Tite 888-GPM. With both of these parts, you should have all ABS bases covered.

Removal of the old flange is fairly straight forward, you must cut/break off the top of the flange so your new flange can sit at the same level as the old one. This can be done either by using a chisel to deeply score the flange where it meets the ABS or using a saw such as a Dremel. I do suggest watching a few YouTube videos so you can be comfortable and confident in what you are doing.
Falling American Dollar Coins


I spent about 2 hours cutting out and replacing the closet flange and installing the new toilet. Did I just pay myself over $100/hr? Why yes I did!

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