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Welcome to DIY Property Management!


I would like to welcome everyone to DIY Property Management!

The goal of this site is to discuss all of the trials and tribulations that I have gone through as a rental property owner and DIY Property Manager.  I started out this journey like many others probably have, by hiring a property manager as I did not have the slightest clue where to begin.  How do you go about finding prospective tenants?  Once you have some, how do you properly screen them?  Are there any local/state/federal laws that you need to abide by?  There were so many questions that I didn’t have the answer to, but soon enough, I needed to learn.

A quick word of advice for anyone looking to take the route of hiring a property manager or property management firm, INTERVIEW THEM!  Interview them in the same way that you would interview any prospective employee, since in essence, that is what this person will be to you.  You are paying them for a service and if they are unable to live up to your expectations, then that manager will not be the right fit.

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