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Shared Fences (Party Fences)


Good fences make good neighbors

While it can be true that a fence makes for a good neighbor, until that fence needs repairs!

I would love to replace the fence at one of my properties as it is probably 25 years old and most of the 4×4 fence posts are rotten at the base…but that costs money, right? Since this is a “party fence”, meaning that the fence sits on the property line and is the responsibility of all property lines that touch the fence, the cost is also shared too. The problem is, I am ready to replace the entire thing, but the neighbor can’t afford to. Do I pay for what is necessary and attempt to get some money from the neighbor? Do I wait?

Well, I opted to wait to see if I could get a better quote, but in the meantime a wind-storm came through and blew down 2 sections of fence.

Looks like this fence will be a piecemeal since the previous neighbor only wanted to replace the 1 section that he deemed “bad”.

So now I wait some more, hoping that we get another storm to knock down the remaining fence…

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