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Needed Repairs You ‘Should’ Get a Professional For


Needed Repairs You ‘Should’ Get a Professional For.

These days most of what we need to know is merely a click or two away so many of us have become extremely good at ‘fixing’ things for ourselves and would not dream of hiring a job out to strangers. The satisfaction that comes from doing something yourself runs deep, not to mention the money that remains in your pocket instead of someone else’s.

Despite this, however, there are some repairs that you really should call in the ‘professionals’ for.


Most of us can go ahead and swap out switches, change a fixture or ceiling fan, and even put in a GFI receptacle. But, if you are looking at some serious rewiring or changing circuits, you really should call in the big guns.

If you manage any rental facilities everything must be done ‘by the book’, adhering to your local codes and ordinances. One misstep in this kind of job could be costly – not to mention deadly. Tenants love lawsuits, don’t offer one up on a platter.


At one time or another all of us have swapped out a shower head or faucet. Some of us have even installed a toilet or two, and perhaps even gone so far to put in a new tub or shower unit. And, I’m pretty sure we can all fix a small leak under the sink.

What I’m talking about here, though, is the system itself. If you are looking at re-routing pipes or maybe extending hot water lines, you should really consider calling a professional. Unless you have some extensive plumbing or copper brazing experience it isn’t a job you want to take lightly. Problems with water can get deep fast, not to mention very expensive.


Aside from the obvious risks of exposure to toxicity, there are many laws that govern the proper handling and disposal of asbestos and any contaminated materials. Most of us would just take care of it ourselves if it were in our own homes, but neighbors tend to be watchful of people who manage property for a living. Avoid the legal ramifications and call the pros on this one.

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