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How to Spot a Difficult Tenant

How to Spot a Difficult Tenant Being a landlord can be a wonderful and rewarding job. However, if you have even one difficult tenant, that job can become stressful very quickly. There are several warning signs to look for so that you can spot a difficult tenant before ever allowing them to rent from you. […]

Shared Fences (Party Fences)

Good fences make good neighbors While it can be true that a fence makes for a good neighbor, until that fence needs repairs! I would love to replace the fence at one of my properties as it is probably 25 years old and most of the 4×4 fence posts are rotten at the base…but that […]

Why I am a DIY Landlord

Some of you may wonder, why would someone take the DIY approach to my rental properties rather than use hire a property manager and relieve myself of the burden of dealing with rental properties. Don’t I have better things to do? As I have stated in another article, I started this journey by using a […]

So your tenant can’t make rent?

You should never put yourself in a situation where you are 100% dependent upon your rental property generating an income; the idea behind owning income producing properties is to build wealth, not to allow you to keep living paycheck to paycheck. There will be situations where your property may be vacant for a month, or […]

DIY vs Professional Property Management

Many new landlords with several properties or one large property to manage instantly choose to work with a management company instead of doing their own DIY property management. This is not always the best choice. Becoming a DIY landlord is something that tends to happen naturally most of the time, but you might want to […]

Accounting – Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade – Accounting / Bookkeeping This article is Part 5 in a multi-part series revolving around the Tools of the Trade that any landlord needs to be aware of and probably use. In this series, I will cover the following topics and probably throw in a few others along the way: Telephone […]